About Us

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is a vigilant and vocal advocacy organization that has been working throughout the Watershed for over 25 years and is powerfully positioned to identify and address challenges that face our River and communities.

For the Highlands to the Delaware Bay, the  Delaware Riverkeeper Network gives voice, strength, and protection to the communities and waterways of the Delaware River. Through independent advocacy, and the use of accurate facts, science and law, the  Delaware Riverkeeper Network works to ensure the rich and healthy future that can only exist with a river system that is free-flowing, clean, healthy, and abundant with diversity of life.

The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is unique in that it is founded upon the expectation of personal and community responsibility for river protection, as personified by the Delaware Riverkeeper. The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is the only grassroots advocacy organization that operated Watershed-wide and empowers communities with the engaged interaction and information needed to succeed in protecting our River and region, now into the future.

Delaware River